Dacchi Dang: An Omen Near and Far, 2017




Et in Arcadia Ego, 2017 Installation with Wax, photographs, bamboo leaves; dimensions variable

Exhibition installation

Exhibition installation


Artist statement

This exhibition presents us with a sense of chronological history, memories and identity, of the social and political environment of my personal journey as a member of the Vietnamese diaspora living in Australia. This pattern echoes similar experiences, memories and lives of many of the Chinese/Vietnamese, Vietnamese diaspora community.

I have used aesthetic and poetic language to commentate on the life of Vietnamese, Chinese/Vietnamese diaspora. It has become a vehicle to reflect, to record and document life experiences and cultural memories. Personal experience as a refugee informs how I see the multiple geographic and social landscape of Australia and Vietnam.

Through my art practice, I would like to communicate and create dialogue with the viewer as through their personal journeys the histories of Vietnamese diasporas is one of an importance in Australian history. For the next Vietnamese, Chinese/Vietnamese generations to understand their parents’ personal journey is also very important as these personal memories have been silenced in the early settlement period caused by the traumatic experience of personal loss of the father homeland and facing an unclear future in their new settlement home.

It is common for refugees or migrants to hide their painful experiences as they focus on rebuilding and establishing their home and life in the adopting country. As a refugee, I have seen more than ever an importance to reserving these cultural values. This has become a driving force and core investigation in my art practice in the past 27 years.

These stories presented in my art practice preserve cultural memories and stories for the next Australian Vietnamese generation to understand their native culture and identity. At the same time breaking cultural boundaries of cultural difference and share their vision, voice to provide better understanding between the Vietnamese diaspora experience to the broader Australian communities.

© Dacchi Dang, 2017 All rights reserved

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