“Predicament, 1993”


“Landscape 1” B&W silver gelatin print, ink drawing and charcoal

“Landscape 2” B&W silver gelatin print,  ink drawing and charcoal

“Predicament 1993”

I have spent time “discovering” the natural Australian landscape which has continually fascinated me since I began to study photography in 1986. I wanted to investigate my new surroundings and the emotions that were created inside me after fleeing my home in Vietnam. In these photographic images I have attempted to address the notion of disparity between the Eastern tradition of representation and that of the West.

The depiction of the environment alters from culture to culture. Eastern landscape traditions tend to elongate, to flatten and distort our visual reality. The image is read vertically from top to bottom. In the Western tradition of  black and white landscape photography images tend to dictate a horizontal reading, which relies on a single point perspective, modelled forms and unusually well defined tonal contrasts. This tradition, typical of American landscape photography of this century, aimes to create an accurate and often surreal document, without pretence and without manipulation by an identifiable or interfering hand.

By merging Western theory and technology with Western philosophy, I have appropriated Ansel Adam’s sense of detail and tone, combining this (by surface drawing, differing gestural marks and characters) with the traditional softness and spirituality of Chinese ink paintings.

© Dacchi Dang, 2013 All rights reserved

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